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Art is Luis’ Utopia

Most people ask us, why you use the word Utopia and  Epic?

Most people ask us, why you use the word Utopia and  Epic?

As Webster dictionary defines Utopia is an “imaginary place where social conditions are perfect”. That is an art, a perfect place where Luis’ can be free. A place  where he can express his emotions and dreams without any concerns.   We discover that art was a way of communication for Luis. He can communicate freely and without being judged. For our son, art is a perfect state of mind, free of bullies, social pressures and sensory overload. Art is Luis’ Utopia.

Why “Epic Luis”? Well Epic defined by Webster dictionary is “telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures; also very great or large and usually difficult or impressive”. That is the way I see his life. Luis is telling a story  full of adventures, difficult events and an impressive outcome through art, acting and singing.

Our mission is to inspire others to overcome their fears of rejection and difficulties to get into that Utopia and be able to be Epic…

 Epic Luis Art is the way a teenager shares his dream of a perfect state of mind and society.  His vision of a perfect world with acceptance, inclusion and allows freedom to paint and express himself without the autism challenges and social rejection.

Epic Luis Art is just the beginning to a life of social inclusion and independence using just his talents, breaking up the dependence. How his hero (Super LT) overcomes all the social obstacles is what makes him Epic.

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