Epic Luis Art

Luis is an award winner artist, Best Buddies Ambassador, international speaker, entrepreneur, singer, and actor on the Autism Spectrum. Born in Puerto Rico and diagnosed with Autism at age 2. Since he was 6 years old he has been painting in different mediums and creating clay sculpture.  A virtuoso artist who enjoys working in graphite, acrylic, oil pastels, watercolor, mixed media, and chalk.  Luis’ work has been included in group exhibitions at galleries in California and Beijing, China. He participates in a variety of art and craft festivals throughout the year.  Luis also mentored kids and teens on the spectrum in entrepreneurial skills and creating sculptures with clay.

At his young age, he received awards including The Art of Autism Hearts & Arts Award for his development of the arts and advocacy efforts; “Best Use of Color Youth Award” at the 2014 Autism Chalk Festival and  “Exceptional youth” from Pause4Kids. Luis speaks and writes in Spanish, English and basic Italian.

He is on a mission, to be independent and help others on the spectrum.  As an Autism advocate, he wants parents to know that their kids can be successful. Luis is sharing his skills with teens and adults on the spectrum.  He would like people with autism to be successful and independent by using their unique abilities. 

 On his own words.  “Art is my passion, my talent, my thing. When I’m painting I feel inspired, happy and free. I love to share my artwork with people and inspire others on the spectrum to try something. We have talents and it takes a time to use it. I want parents to see that their child is capable of doing something. I consider myself creative and talented. I love all kinds of arts. I paint & draw in different mediums. I create animal sculptures. Autism helps me to work hard because I see things in a different way. My live motto is “Autism will not stop me”. I’m a teen actor, artist, singer, scriptwriter and former Special Olympic athlete”.  

I  focus on topics related to self-advocacy, my experiences with autism and the arts, facing your fears, discover your talents and try something new like arts.

Luis is available for conferences and art exhibits. To contact Luis click here