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Do you feel lost, confused, sad or angry because your child was recently diagnosed with Autism? you are not alone.

Your child is transitioning from a pre-school to school, is okay to feel worried and confused. Let us help you, it’s free

Do you feel the school is not supporting your child needs? Are you considering homeschool? but you think is too complicated, expensive or time-consuming you are not alone.

Your kid is growing up and you are worried about future, you are not alone.

Do you feel something changed on your marriage? You are not alone.

Do you have an upcoming IEP, IPP and you are feeling confused?

I have been there! twelve years ago my son was diagnosed with Autism, today he is a happy successful teenager. You don’t need to be alone. Send me a message I’m here to help you  (in English or Spanish).

Life always gives us challenges. We can overcome the situation or worry about and think what if? I can help you.

I’m a highly-trained, knowledgeable professional whose primary role is to support and gently guide you to overcome the challenges of raising a child with special needs.

I have a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with specialization on Autism, ADHD, Sexual Abuse, & Learning Disabilities. You can check my credential here

  • 24 years of relationship with my only husband. I know the ups and downs of marriage with a child with special needs. Also, the organizational skills to balance homeschooling and home chores.
  • 17 years of being a mother of a successful teen on the spectrum. I have travel IPP, IEP, and community inclusion roads.
  • 11 years of experience in coaching and psychotherapy.
  • 7 years of successfully homeschool my son with Autism.
  • 5 years of successful entrepreneurial skills, managing Epic Luis Art ~ watch him in action~

I believe all children have a unique ability to learn, create and express themselves.  I will use my knowledge and skills to help you to identify your child abilities and use it to succeed

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